What is Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is a process whereby powder is applied to metal and heated to approximately 400°F. The powder is melted and a chemical and mechanical bond is formed between the metal substrate and the coating.


What can be Powder Coated?

Any metal can be Powder Coated as long as it is clean and can withstand approximately 450°F. Examples include bicycles, sculpture, lawn furniture, motorcycle and automotive parts, and ornamental iron.


Why choose Powder Coating?

Powder Coating is tough, durable, colorful, versatile, long-lasting, and scratch- and chip-resistant.  With minimal cure time in one application, Powder Coating is also cost-effective and time-efficient.


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What colors are available? 

Cardinal Paint Products*

*These color samples are representative only and will vary from the actual color depending on the computer monitor or printer used to view them. For complete color choices, visit our preferred manufacturers' sites:

Cardinal Paint Products                Tiger Drylac                Prismatic Powder

For an accurate color, gloss and texture sample, contact us.